Customization & Performance Modification

Previously CEC Automotive, P Zero World is still your one stop shop for every automotive service and accessory in addition to our premium  wheels and tires.

Additional Services offered include: Black out packages, suspension installation, exhaust modification, window tinting, Vehicle wrapping and more.

        Range Roverafter full Blackout Package                        Window Tint on Mercedes-AMG GT 


P ZERO™ World boasts a stunning design, three full service bays fitted with state of the art automotive equipment, and a full inventory of premium, motorsport and vintage Pirelli tires. Previously CEC Wheels, P ZERO™ World is also a one stop shop for all things automotive. P Zero World offers services including, but not limited to: retail and installation of aftermarket wheels, performance modifications, and cosmetic modification.


   310 767 1111
    10349 Santa Monica Blvd,
​      Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA

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