Pirelli Opens Prestige Retail Store in Los Angeles

​P Zero World in the heart of Los Angeles is not a theme park, although leveraging the Pirelli name is part of the goal. It is the company’s first tire shop in the world focused on prestige products and services.

Los Angeles was chosen because, according to Pirelli, it is “the global capital of cinema, car design, technical innovation and a focal point in fashion and the arts.”

The highest concentration of luxury and sports cars in the world are located in the Los Angeles metro area. Future locations also will be decided using sophisticated geo-marketing tools.

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P ZERO™ World boasts a stunning design, three full service bays fitted with state of the art automotive equipment, and a full inventory of premium, motorsport and vintage Pirelli tires. Previously CEC Wheels, P ZERO™ World is also a one stop shop for all things automotive. P Zero World offers services including, but not limited to: retail and installation of aftermarket wheels, performance modifications, and cosmetic modification.


   310 767 1111
    10349 Santa Monica Blvd,
​      Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA

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