Pirelli Launches P Zero World Los Angeles

Amid music, cocktails and a celebrity-heavy crowd, Pirelli opened the doors of its P Zero World venue last night in LA near the fashion and wealth capital of Beverly Hills. P Zero World Los Angeles is the first of several new Pirelli venues planned globally that aim to transform the brand’s high-end image into a lifestyle by catering to the owners and admirers of some of the world’s most desirable cars.

The venue itself serves many functions. While looking largely like a night club for its opening celebration, the building and adjoined courtyard also includes offices for Pirelli representatives and technicians, a showroom with Pirelli products, a rotating display of Pirelli-shod supercars, and a working garage space where customers can purchase new P Zero tires and have them installed. A concierge service will be available for extra cost, allowing customers to have their cars picked up at their home or office, transported to P Zero World for new tires, then returned to them.

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P ZERO™ World boasts a stunning design, three full service bays fitted with state of the art automotive equipment, and a full inventory of premium, motorsport and vintage Pirelli tires. Previously CEC Wheels, P ZERO™ World is also a one stop shop for all things automotive. P Zero World offers services including, but not limited to: retail and installation of aftermarket wheels, performance modifications, and cosmetic modification.


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